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Health Talent Pro has been around for over 10 years but now under new leadership. We use the state of art approach to solve talent shortage problems in the industry. We compete for some of the most hard sort after candidate and we deliver result. Give us a chance.


Hospital Positions


If your hospital is looking for quality employees with the right background and certification to perform on the job, then you have come to the right place. We have implemented various methods to find the best of the breeds out there and will compete with consulting firm for their attention.


Health Centers and Franchise


Health talent pro works with health centers and franchise healthcare providers to fill their open positions. We understand the need for a health care center to stand out and work with the best in the industry to fill open roles.


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Medical Doctors

We could close the gap it takes to find qualified MDs that have successfully completed their fellowship along with experience requirement as the case might be. This includes Family Physicians, Internal Medicine Physicians, Pediatrician , Obstetrician , Gynecologist, Surgeon, Psychiatrist, Cardiologist and Dermatologist.


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Nurses are truly angels on earth. Finding a great Nurse goes beyond just the skills but personality also matters. That is why our processes includes both tests in determine a right fit for your organization. We could fill roles for skilled Nurses such as Travel RNs, Cardiac Nurses, CRNA, CNS, Critical Care Nurse, ER Nurses


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Other Health Care Roles

Hospitals needs great doctors and nurses but smooth operation depends on all peripheral channels that makes them a great team. From Medical account executives, billings, community outreach, cleaners, we have the capability of filling these roles as well.


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Work you’ll be proud of.


We deliver the following:

  • Realistic and On time delivery of candidates
  • Competitive Fee Structure
  • Full recruitment life cycle
  • Resiliency and Speed
  • Clear and excellent communication process.


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